Spider-Man: No Way Home's next trailer arrives this week – but there's a catch

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Update: And here's the confirmation. Despite us speculating that the trailer would arrive on Wednesday, November 17, Sony Pictures and Marvel Studios have revealed it'll land online on Tuesday, November 16. Expect it to be a few hours after the fan trailer launch event, though.

Check out its release date confirmation in the tweet, which comes with a new poster for the film, below:

Original story follows.

Finally, after weeks of release date rumors, the second Spider-Man: No Way Home trailer will arrive this week – but some of us may have to wait to see it.

Over the weekend of November 13-14, Sony Pictures revealed that eager fans will be able to watch the MCU movie's next teaser on Tuesday, November 16. Well, that's if you're one of the lucky few to snag a ticket to a special Los Angeles trailer fan event.

As seen by a number of Redditors this past weekend, and as reported by journalists including ComicBook.com's Brandon Davis, Sony is holding an LA-based trailer launch fan event on November 16. And it's here that No Way Home's second trailer will receive its world debut.

The event was due to take place at Regal Sherman Oaks but, the demand for tickets has been so high, it'll now be held at a much larger theater. Details on where it'll take place, though, haven't been disclosed.

The No Way Home trailer event will be full of "big surprises", per Sony's announcement. Will we finally get confirmation that Tobey Maguire, Andrew Garfield and Matt Murdock are in Spider-Man's third MCU outing? According to one Twitter leaker, Maguire and Garfield, as well as current webslinger Tom Holland, are all currently in Los Angeles. Place your bets on the trio appearing at the event now, then.

The leaks don't stop there, either. According to another supposed insider, as seen on Reddit, the trailer launch event will last less than 10 minutes. Commenters in the linked Reddit thread seem to think that the trailer (which has a rumored runtime of three minutes) will be shown first. After that, some big reveals will be made, before an exclusive clip from the movie may be shown to attendees.

If the second Spider-Man: No Way Home trailer is only be shown to those at the fan event, though, when can the rest of us expect to see it?

When will Spider-Man: No Way Home's next trailer be released online?

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We wouldn't be surprised if No Way Home's second trailer is released online in the early hours of Wednesday, November 17.

Sony has previously done this kind of thing. The studio unveiled the film's first teaser to CinemaCon attendees on August 23, before releasing it online to the public 24 hours later.

Sony is likely to follow a similar plan for the movie's second teaser, too. We suspect that those attending the trailer launch event will have a short time window to hype it up on social media after they see it. Then, Sony will drop the trailer on YouTube and its other social media channels for the rest of us to watch over and over again.

The fan event is supposed to start at 5 PM PDT, which is 8 PM EDT, and also 1 AM GMT and 6:30 AM IST on Wednesday, November 17. Once the event has finished, we would expect the trailer to launch worldwide for everyone else to see. This is the most anticipated Marvel Phase 4 project of the year, after all, so Sony (and Marvel) won't want to keep the rest of us waiting. Well, any longer than they have done over apparent disagreements about which trailer to release, anyway.

So here's hoping that Spider-Man: No Way Home's second trailer is with us on November 17. It'll only be a month until the movie arrives exclusively in theaters, so we need some new footage to pour over. That, and confirmation about some longstanding rumors, just so we can put to bed pre-release. You know, unless the trailer leaks online ahead of time like the first one did, in which case we can lay them to rest even earlier. 

Regardless, expect No Way Home's next trailer to break the internet. Again.

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