Spider-Man: No Way Home's next trailer has been delayed for a pretty major reason

Peter Parker is stunned during Spider-Man: Far From Home's post-credits scene
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Potentially huge spoilers follow for Spider-Man: No Way Home. You've been warned.

Spider-Man: No Way Home's next trailer is reportedly being held back – because Sony and Marvel can't agree on which version to release.

According to multiple sources, including ScreenJunkies' Andy Signore and Fandom's Reilly Johnson, Sony Pictures has created three No Way Home teasers, which each reveal different bits of footage from the movie.

Per Johnson, all three trailers will provide good looks at the villains, including Alfred Molina's Doc Ock, who are set to feature in the next MCU movie. Signore and Johnson, however, claim that one particular trailer cut contains a major reveal – and it's this teaser that has Sony and Marvel Studios at odds with one another.

We're about to dive into potentially big spoilers for Spider-Man: No Way Home. If you don't want anything ruined before you see the film, don't scroll past the tweet below.

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So, what's so important about this trailer that means Sony and Marvel can't agree? Well, it reportedly reveals that Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield's version of Spider-Man are in the movie.

That won't come as a surprise to anyone who has followed the saga surrounding No Way Home's multiple leaks. On November 9, two No Way Home images leaked online, which all but confirmed the duo's involvement, as well as Charlie Cox's Matt Murdock/Daredevil, who will cameo in No Way Home.

But, Sony and Marvel's disagreement does explain why we haven't seen a second trailer yet, even though No Way Home arrives in theaters on December 17.

Given that most MCU fans – those who regularly search for Marvel movie news online, anyway – are convinced that Maguire and Garfield are in No Way Home, it makes sense why Sony wants to release that trailer. The reveals have already been leaked so, rather than fighting to keep them a secret anymore, Sony will likely want to officially confirm their involvement and drum up even more interest ahead of the film's release.

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From Marvel's perspective, though, you can see why they'd prefer one of the other trailers to be released. There will be fans who don't know about Maguire and Garfield's involvement – these casual fans, then, would have a major spoiler revealed to them ahead of time if Sony gets their wish to release that trailer, which would ruin a big plot point for them.

Still, it does seem like Marvel is facing a losing battle. As the film's marketing and promotional push ramps up, some individuals involved in No Way Home have nearly let the cat out of the bag about the duo's involvement.

Speaking to Total Film, Spider-Man star Tom Holland revealed that No Way Home represents "three generations coming together". If that wasn't obvious enough, the actor – who is famous for spoiling Marvel movie plot points – almost confirmed that Garfield and Maguire were part of the cast.

Asked if he felt that he had to prove himself among the film's other stars, Holland said: "It was interesting having those guys come in because they have a certain ownership over Spider-Man in their own way, and...". 

Holland, though, realised he may be entering spoiler territory, and quickly changed direction: "I’m talking about Alfred and Jamie and those guys. To see Alfred come in, and have to adapt and change to the way that the films are made, but also change director, and also [the fact that] I’m now Spider-Man."

Holland goes on to joke that people don't believe him that Garfield and Maguire aren't in No Way Home. And we're some of those people. It's obvious that they're involved in some capacity and, while we can see Marvel's argument against releasing the trailer that confirms they're in it, there's no point holding it back any longer.

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