It's time for Spider-Man: No Way Home's next trailer to be released

A screenshot of the Iron Spider suit in Spider-Man: No Way Home
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Potentially huge Spider-Man: No Way Home spoilers follow. You've been warned.

Spider-Man: No Way Home has been hit by another major leak – and it appears to have confirmed some of the worst-kept secrets in Hollywood.

On Monday, November 8, Canadian movie pundit and YouTuber John Campea uploaded two images to his personal Twitter account that seemed to confirm that two particular No Way Home rumors were true.

It wasn't long before the stills went viral, which led to Campea deleting the images – but not before others grabbed screenshots of the photographs. We won't be posting the images here directly, but they can be located on Reddit if your curiosity gets the better of you.

Of course, Spider-Man: No Way Home has suffered many leaks over the past six months. But the images, posted by Campea, give us our best look yet at two potentially big moments in the upcoming MCU movie – revelations that will be another major headache for Marvel and Sony to deal with.

At this point, then, isn't it in Sony and Marvel's best interests to just release No Way Home's second trailer?

We're about to dive into potentially major spoilers for Spider-Man: No Way Home from now on. Don't scroll past the image below if you want to see the movie with no prior knowledge of what's to come.

Peter Parker is stunned during Spider-Man: Far From Home's post-credits scene

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Still with us? Then you'll know that the images appear to confirm that Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield's versions of Spider-Man will be in No Way Home. The three webslingers are seen standing on some scaffolding or a pier at night time.

Meanwhile, Charlie Cox's Matt Murdock, aka Daredevil, will also be making a cameo. We'd previously speculated that he'd be Peter Parker's lawyer for a court case, and that he's the individual who talks to Tom Holland's Spider-Man about what it means to be a superhero. In our article on the latter part of that rumor, we plumped for Maguire's Parker being the one who talks to Holland's version. But it seems that it's Murdock instead.

But we digress. Since removing the images from his Twitter account, Campea had claimed that they're fake (he's deleted these tweets now, too) while some Marvel fans have similarly suggested that they're made up. To be fair, the three Spider-Men image does look like a Photoshop job.

The Matt Murdock image, however, appears to be genuine. Fans have even used a screenshot from No Way Home's first trailer, where a book case and lamp in Aunt May's apartment are the same ones seen in the image with Cox, which matches perfectly with the leaked photograph.

Given the silence emanating from Sony and Marvel amid this plethora of leaks in recent weeks, and Campea's deleting of said images, it seems likely that one, if not both, of the images are authentic.

If they are, there's no reason for Sony Pictures and Marvel Studios to hold off on releasing No Way Home's second trailer. Both studios have faced a losing battle over the amount of No Way Home leaks in recent months – so much so that most MCU fans will have heard of Maguire, Garfield and Cox's potential appearances.

Sure, not every Marvel fan will know about these leaks. Marvel and Sony, then, will want to maintain the surprise for those who don't actively look for spoilers, including children or families.

Realistically, though, the cat is out of the bag. There have been too many high-profile leaks for both studios to deal with, including Sony's struggle to remove a leaked version of No Way Home's first trailer before its official reveal in September. There's even an apparent document circulating online that reveals what will be shown in the film's second trailer, too.

Clearly, there's not much that Sony and Marvel can do to stop the leaks now. That is, except for one thing: release the movie's second trailer. 

Yes, there are sure to be some No Way Home plot details or secrets that haven't been revealed yet, but Maguire, Garfield and Cox's inclusions have been. Let's see that second trailer, get these 'shock reveals' out in the open, and be done with it already,

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