Spider-Man looks like he'll get a big suit upgrade in No Way Home

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Spider-Man: No Way Home may only be five months away from being released, but there's still very little we know about the upcoming Marvel movie.

While we wait for an official trailer to land (can we have it soon please, Marvel?), fans have taken to pouring over any rumor, leak and other information drops to glean what they can from the MCU superhero flick.

The latest morsel of information comes by way of a new licensed Hot Toys figurine – and it's teasing some serious suit upgrades for Tom Holland's Peter Parker.

First posted on Twitter (via the spideyupdated fan account) and quickly picked up by multiple Reddit threads, a new Spider-Man: No Way Home Hot Toys collectible figure has shown the webslinger's new black and gold suit, which many fans think he'll wear in his third MCU solo outing.

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The figure, which is on display at the Hot Toys summer showcase event (as posted by Instagram user Anson Kong, and then by Twitter user Tony de Rod) shows Spider-Man's new suit in all its glory.

On the surface, Anson Kong's image doesn't really do it justice. However, the above Twitter image by user spideyupdated reveals the figurine in more detail – and there are some really intriguing elements to it that hint at where Spidey's threequel may go.

Analysis: will Spider-Man use magic and time travel in No Way Home?

Judging by the close-up images of the black and gold suit, it's possible that Spider-Man may use magic in No Way Home.

Previously, fans (ourselves included) had speculated that Peter Parker would be able to use magic in No Way Home. This is based on the fact that Doctor Strange is expected to be a supporting character in the movie.

Given Strange's knowledge of the mystical arts, he may help Peter to fashion a suit that will enable him to conjure magic through this black and gold suit.

There are three images in spideryupdated's tweet that alludes to this. The first is a blue web-stylized symbol, which we can see on the suit's chest area. This looks like the symbols (or runes) that Doctor Strange, Wong and other magic wielders create when conjuring their spells.

Meanwhile, another image shows Spider-Man's mechanical webbing adorned with what looks like circular rune patterns, much like the one on the suit's chest piece.

Finally, an image of the suit's left arm looks like it has a design that's very similar to the cloth-bound wrist portions of Doctor Strange's own costume, which you can see in this Reddit image. The wrist wrap design is almost identical to Kamar-Taj sorcerers, which is where Strange was trained by The Ancient One.

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This is purely speculation on our part, but we think that Doctor Strange will grant Peter (albeit temporarily) the ability to cast magic in No Way Home.

For what purpose? In our opinion, to combat the villains that spill over from other universes. We know that Alfred Molina's Doc Ock (from 2004's Spider-Man 2) and Jamie Foxx's Electro (from The Amazing Spider-Man 2) are due to appear in No Way Home.

Spider-Man, then may need some mystical arts assistance to defeat them, as well as any other villains that might appear. Reddit and 4chan rumors suggest that other antagonists will crop up in No Way Home, but we don't know who just yet.

Some Reddit users claimed that Spider-Man's webbing was, in fact, electrified as a means to combat Electro's own electric-based powers. However, according to Hot Toys' official description of the figurine (via the Hot Toys Facebook page), the suit comes with "mystic spider-web effects". There's no mention of electricity at all, so we think this can be ruled out.

As for Spider-Man time traveling in No Way Home, we think this rumor is a stretch.

Unless Holland's Spider-Man has to travel to a different dimension for plot reasons, he doesn't need to leave his reality, universe or place on the Sacred Timeline.

There are no teases, where the black and gold suit is concerned anyway, that hint at Holland's Peter Parker needing to time travel. We don't believe, then, that his new suit will allow him to traverse to different points in time.

Hopefully, it won't be much longer until we get more information on No Way Home. 

With Loki's season finale on Disney Plus giving us a much better idea of how the Marvel Cinematic Multiverse will impact future Marvel productions, including No Way Home, Marvel and Sony should be preparing to release an official trailer. We've waiting long enough at this point.

Spider-Man: No Way Home will be released on December 17, 2021.

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