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Sony Xperia 10 III leak shows us what could be powering the new phone

Sony Xperia 10 II
The Sony Xperia 10 II (Image credit: TechRadar)

Details of an upcoming mid-range Sony phone have leaked, with a new benchmark giving us a glimpse at what may be powering the handset.

It's thought this is the Sony Xperia 5 III, according to information from Sumahoinfo, but the handset is codenamed Sony A003SO in a new Geekbench 5 listing. In that listing, this device has 6GB of RAM and Android 11 software on board.

Other recent leaks have suggested the Xperia 10 III will be powered by a mid-range Qualcomm 690 5G chipset, and while this listing doesn't specify the chipset, the benchmark scores achieved are in line with that.

The Sony Xperia 10 II came with 4GB of RAM, so this would be a notable step up for the mid-range series from Sony. That phone also wasn't 5G-ready, so this would be the first in the series from Sony to support the next-gen connectivity.

The Sony Xperia 1 III is expected to be landing at some time in 2021 too, so this may be announced alongside Sony's next flagship phone. 

One leak previously suggested the Xperia 10 III would be landing earlier than Sony's flagship though and that we'll hear about it in February 2021. This month is already halfway done, so it may be that Sony is planning to launch its handset at a later date now.

That said, Sony does often reveal new handsets in February or March, so it may be that we hear about the new phones sooner rather than later.

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