Overnight news roundup: 7-8 November

Will HyperSpace make multiple operating system use mainstream?

How would you like to run multiple operating systems on your PC at any time, not just from a boot menu? According to Phoenix Technologies, a name you've probably seen on your PC's BIOS startup screen, this is already a reality through its new HyperSpace solution.

Woody Hobbs, Phoenix CEO, indicated that his company would be adding the new software package to laptops in the coming months. He explained that users could jump to a Linux-based HyperSpace session, no matter what Windows is doing, and run applications there for quick internet access while Windows boots up, for example.

But can it run Mac OS X?

Hobbs believes that users are looking for the ability to use multiple operating systems at any time. He pointed out that Parallels Desktop, or even VMware Fusion are prime examples of giving consumers the option to run in multiple environments simultaneously on a Mac.

But before you expect to run Mac OS X or your favourite version of Linux alongside Windows, think again. According to Phoenix, its solution supports only the custom HyperSpace environment.

Further, Hobbs pointed out that HyperSpace is an improvement on multiple operating system control, rather than a revolutionary product. He explained that Linux distributions can already be booted from a DVD drive, but HyperSpace will be the first to allow users to switch without restarting their machines to boot from a disk.

HP changes camera focus

HP has decided to alter its focus on the digital camera business, but will not be dropping out entirely. The company will move away from manufacturing, distribution and design to concentrate on online services and photo printing. Nevertheless, HP-branded digital cameras will be available in the future when the company licences third parties to make and sell its products.

Apple has moved swiftly to address some issues with Leopard. According to the company, a new update is on its way that includes over two dozen updates. Look for Mac OS X 10.5.1 to be released in a few weeks.

Fujitsu has launched the LifeBook S7211 notebook that packs an Intel Core 2 Duo 1.6GHz CPU and your choice of Windows XP or Vista Business. Along with a 120GB hard drive, the LifeBook sports a webcam and a 14.1-inch display. Fujitsu has indicated that the notebook is available now and will sell for an affordable $1,099 (£527).