Google is treating press to breakfast July 24, will Android 4.3 be on the menu?

Sundar Pichai
Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Right, Sundar?

Mmm, breakfast.

Google is shipping out press invites to a morning meal with Android and Chrome Chief Sundar Pinchai next Wednesday, or July 24 for you calendar nuts. While breaking bread with Mr. Pinchai sounds pleasant enough, we're honestly more interested in what Mountain View has in store.

We know you are too.

The convergence of circumstances point to the unveiling of Android 4.3, the next flavor of Jelly Bean. Everything we've heard about 4.3 says that it won't be a major update, but it sounds like we can expect serious camera app attention, extra Bluetooth support and a fluffing of the notifications system. Whoot.

There are plenty of hardware rumors humming around Google as well, and while it seems a little too early for the Moto X to take a bow, we won't rule out that possibility (or the Nexus 7 2) until we've finished our orange juice.

The 9 a.m. event will be streamed via YouTube, so grab a scone and munch along.

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Blips, they're what's for breakfast. And lunch. And dinner. And Fourth Meal.

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