Samsung pours a tall glass of ad-free streaming with Milk Music app

Samsung Milk Music app
99 problems but an ad ain't one

Samsung is taking another crack at the streaming music business with its new release, the Milk Music app.

The app is situated in for free the Google Play Store and exclusively for Galaxy Devices, like the Galaxy S5 and Galaxy Note 3. The Korean device maker claimed users can jump into any genre within a few seconds.

Samsung said there are no ads whatsoever to interrupt users from listening to the curated music library of over 13 million songs. However, an asterisk in the app description reveals Milk's ad-free-ness is only for a limited time. There's no word on when ads will start to appear.

From a large porthole-shaped control users can tune into over 200 genre stations. Along with the nifty interface, the dial lets users to switch between stations without having to wait for the music to buffer.

Milk Music can pull this trick off because it downloads the first eight seconds of every song from the nine selectable genres shown on the interface. From the basic genres users can drill down into sub-genres, such as post modern and grunge from "rock."

Rock it out

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While Milk Music doesn't currently have any ads, users are given a limited number of skips. Six to be exact, putting it right in line with other services including Pandora, and iTunes Radio.

There's also an option to bookmark songs. Like Spotify and Pandroa, users can fine tune radio stations based on popularity, novelty and song favorites.

It'll be intriguing to see whether Milk flies off the shelves or spoils given the over-flooding streaming music market.

Samsung's app may face an extra challenge as it's particularly closed off, running exclusively the company's Galaxy devices and having availability only in the United States for now.

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