Sharp's enormous new TVs upscale images from 4K to 8K in real time

Sharp second-gen 8K TV

There's no denying that the 8K TVs on display at IFA 2018 look stunning, but sadly there's very little content around right now that will make the most of their abilities. Sharp has recognized that fact, and its second-gen 8K models are all capable of scaling regular 2K and 4K content.

Sharp's algorithm detects the number of pixel points in an image, and upscales them to an 8K grid in real time. The company claims the resulting picture will "display tiny details that convey a stunning realism and deliver a greatly improved viewing experience to the audience".

Great expectations

Sharp is thinking big, and its new 8K models are available in three extra-large sizes: 60-inch, 70-inch and 80-inch. The company has noticed an increase in demand for screens over 55 inches over the last two years, and decided to get ahead of the game by only offering its top-end models with cinema-scale dimensions.

The three giant models will be available in Asia later this year and in Europe from 2019. It has yet to announce details for customers in other territories.

Sharp hasn't given any prices either, but its first 8K screen – the 70-inch LV-70X500E – retailed for €12,000 (about $14,000, £11,000, AU$19,000) when it arrived on European shores in April, so we expect the mid-sized model to carry a similar price tag.

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