Samsung’s next OLED TV might launch later this year – a lot sooner than we thought

Samsung S90C OLED 4K TV on a blue background
(Image credit: Samsung)

Samsung plans to launch its first ever 83-inch OLED TV later this year and it could be here as early as September, according to news reports. The sooner than expected debut date could be thanks to a deal with LG that it inked in May to receive WOLED panels for Samsung TVs.       

As a result, the company's upcoming 83-inch OLED TV could be here a lot sooner than initially thought. Reports reveal that Samsung has filed it under the product code KQ83SC90, which may mean that it is part of its S90C range. This would undoubtedly make it a contender for the best TV 2023 crown, as the Samsung S90C QD-OLED TV (pictured) is shaping up to be the best TV deal of 2023 so far with it being a more affordable alternative to the range-topping Samsung S95C

The list of every 83-inch OLED TV you can buy is currently very short because there's only one company mass-producing those panels: LG. Following Samsung's deal with LG to provide millions of panels per year, the 83-inch model could be interesting not just because of its size but because it may be a WOLED panel rather than QD-OLED.

What does WOLED mean for Samsung OLED TVs?

No matter what tech it uses, an 83-inch panel is far too big for my home. But if you have the space and you're wondering, 'should I buy an 83-inch OLED TV?' you might want to hang on to see whether the 'W' in WOLED stands for 'wow' – and to see if Samsung entering this fairly niche sector means the beginnings of a price war.

As for the tech itself, WOLED is a slightly different kind of OLED. Instead of red, white and blue sub-pixels, WOLED emits white pixels. Those pixels are then filtered to produce the required colours. The most obvious benefit of this is improved brightness, but the downside is that WOLED can be more prone to screen burn-in – although that can be mitigated by software.

You'll find WOLED in some of Sony's recent TVs, such as the Sony A80K. We like that TV a lot, although despite the use of WOLED, it isn't as bright as some of the very best OLED TVs such as the LG G2 and LG C2 series. In fact, we previously wrote that the end for regular OLED TVs is nigh and WOLED might be overrun by next generation technologies coming out. 

According to Business Korea via FlatPanelsHD, the new Samsung 83-inch OLED is scheduled for a September launch, most likely coinciding with the IFA 2023 consumer electronics show in Berlin. The report says that LG and Samsung "have only a little fine-tuning to do". The idea that the new model will be part of the S90C range (known as SC90A in Korea) also seems a bit odd, as it means that this WOLED TV will have a different kind of panel to the QD-OLEDs in the rest of the range.

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