Samsung sees unexpected demand for its QLED TVs,



On May 2, Samsung launched its QLED television line-up in India, which comes with premium specifications and unmatched pricing. The company has unveiled five different TVs under its Q9, Q8 and Q7 series. 

As the pre-booking phase just got over, through our sources close to Samsung we have come up with few surprising numbers, which indicate record breaking demand of the Samsung’s QLED TVs soon after its launch. 

The pre-booking for the QLED TVs started on May 2 and ended on May 21. On its launch, Samsung announced an offer where a free Galaxy S8+ (Gold) is bundled along with the QLED television for those who pre-book any of the panels, which could certainly be one of the reasons behind the unmatched numbers.

The source has confirmed that Samsung QLED TVs have received thirty times more demand than regular demand within thirteen days of its launch. Some possible reasons could be its seamless design, smart features, and QLED technology which are comes at a price but offers immersive video experience. 

Around 60 percent of bookings are received from Maharashtra, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Delhi and Tamil Nadu, and 73 percent of pre-booking based on info received online. This clearly shows that major demand has been received from major states including three from South India. Moreover, it seems like most of the consumers are informed about the QLED TVs through online platforms, which signals the increasing relevance of online medium. 

The QLED series offers 5 different models—consisting of the Q7, Q7F, Q8, Q8C, and Q9—and comes in four different sizes—55”, 65”, 75” and 88”. The highest number of bookings are received on 55-inch Flat QLEDs and 65-inch curved QLED TVs. The average size of television used in bedrooms and living rooms is close to 55-inch, hence it’s the reason why more consumers prefer them over a 75-inch or a 88-inch TV.

Our source further claims that Samsung expects to beat Diwali level sales record with QLED TV by the end of May.

Each series comes with the following television sizes 55 inches (138 cm), 65 inches (163 cm), 75 inches (189 cm) and 88 inches (223 cm). The pricing starts at Rs 3,14,900 going up all the way to Rs 24,99,900.