Samsung plans to add Chromecast-style streaming to its smart TVs

There's no doubt that the Chromecast (in its various incarnations) has proved a bit hit for Google, giving users one of the simplest and cheapest ways to get videos and other content up on a big screen. The functionality is now built into many a smart TV too.

Now it looks like Samsung wants a piece of that casting action - the most recent update to its Smart View app for iOS appears to add some Chromecast-style options for the likes of YouTube, Hulu and Amazon Video.

It's part of a revamped user interface for edition 2.0.1 of the app, though so far Samsung hasn't introduced the feature officially, so we're not sure if it's functional. There's no update yet for the Android app either.

CESing is believing

Up until now, you could only stream content stored locally on a smartphone or tablet to a Samsung Smart TV, but this update should fix that. No doubt we'll hear much more about it, as well as get treated to a new TV or two, next week at CES 2017.

Notably absent from the app carousel in these screenshots is Netflix, though whether it's still to be added or just not available we don't know.

It's also not clear just how this works - the beauty of the Chromecast is it pulls content straight from the web, rather than your mobile device, once you've pointed it towards the movie you want to watch or the music you want to listen to.

David Nield
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