Samsung is hosting a Galaxy event next month - here's what it could be for

Samsung just sent out invites for an event for next month during which we're likely to hear about a brand new Galaxy device of some sort. 

The invite doesn't say much, but it says it'll be a "Galaxy event" suggesting we'll see a new device from the company's phone lineup. That said, we've already had the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 announcement, so it may be a new lineup of devices.

Samsung did just give its latest smartwatch the Galaxy moniker, so it may be a separate part of the business that's also being absorbed into the G name.

The invite says "4x fun" too, but we don't currently know exactly what that will refer to. Perhaps that means this will be the first phone to come with four cameras?

What could it be?

Samsung has already confirmed it's set to announce its first foldable phone (codenamed the Galaxy X) before the end of the year, but currently we expect that to come in November. 

We also know the company is set to put more focus on its mid-range devices, so it may be this event is specifically for those upcoming phones.

October 11 is the date, but it looks to just be a livestream rather than an actual, physical event.  That'll be the same way Samsung announced the Galaxy Tab S4 tablet last month.

We've yet to officially receive the invite – the one pictured above is from CNET – but we've asked Samsung what we can expect to see and we'll be sure to update this article once we hear more.

Via The Verge

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