Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 leaked in ‘official’ render

The Samsung Galaxy Watch Active
The Samsung Galaxy Watch Active. Image credit: TechRadar (Image credit: Future)

We may have just had our clearest look yet at the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2, as what appears to be an official press render has just leaked.

Shared by Android Headlines, the image matches what we’ve seen before, showing a wearable that looks a lot like the original Samsung Galaxy Watch Active, complete with two buttons on the right edge, a circular screen and no rotating bezel.

The main visible differences are that the strap appears to be leather rather than silicone (though given the sporty nature of the watch we’d expect silicone straps to be available too), and that the power button has a red ring around it.

It’s not clear what the reason is for this. It could purely be aesthetic, but it reminds us of a similar flourish on the Apple Watch 4, which sports a red circle on the crown of the cellular model, marking it out from the GPS-only one.

It has previously been rumored that there will be a version of the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active with LTE/4G, so the red circle could be used for the same purpose here.

As ever, we’d take this leaked image with a pinch of salt, but it matches previous leaks, and looks convincingly official, so we’d say it’s likely accurate.

We might know for sure soon, as there’s a good chance the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 will land alongside the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 on August 7. And despite a seemingly similar design to its predecessor it could be a big upgrade, with other rumors suggesting that an ECG (electrocardiogram) and fall detection are also planned for the wearable.

James Rogerson

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