Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 shown off in a video suggests face, not fingerprint, scanning

We’ve seen plenty of renders of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S4, but now we’ve seemingly seen the slate on video, giving us a close look at it in both black and white or grey shades.

Shared by SlashLeaks, the footage only lasts ten seconds, but you can see that there’s no fingerprint scanner, with the slate instead likely relying on a face scanner, as has been rumored before.

Despite that the bezels still seem fairly large and probably could have housed a fingerprint scanner if Samsung wanted them to.

Other details you’ll note include the single-lens camera on the back and the shiny, likely glass rear of the Galaxy Tab S4.

Could be coming very soon

There’s not really anything new here but the tablet shown in the video lines up with previous leaks, and while it’s not clear where the video was shot, it looks like some kind of product demonstration, suggesting that the slate is more or less complete and probably close to launch.

That also lines up with other things we’ve heard, as Samsung is holding a live stream on August 1 which could well be for the slate. Failing that, we might see it at IFA 2018 at the end of August.

Via Phone Arena

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