Samsung Galaxy Note 9 price leak points to high cost once again

Another day, yet another Samsung Galaxy Note 9 leak – and this particular nugget of information gives us what appears to be a more official look at the handset's potential price.

A pre-order advert spotted in Indonesia appears to show the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 price as 13,500,000 Rupiahs (around $940, £720, AU$1,270) for the 128GB model, while a larger 512GB variant is listed at 17,500,000 Rupiahs (around $1,220, £930, AU$1,640).

Those rough conversions do work out slightly cheaper than previous Galaxy Note 9 price leaks, but prices in local markets won't simply be a straight conversion so we'd expect the US, UK and Australia costs to be higher than what we've estimated here.

If this Note 9 price leak is accurate, it means the handset will be more expensive than its predecessor, as the Galaxy Note 8 launched in Indonesia at 12,999,999 Rupiahs.

The Note 9 definitely won't be cheap (credit: SamMobile)

The Note 9 definitely won't be cheap (credit: SamMobile)

Three color options

We've already heard about three potential color variants for the Samsung Galaxy Note 9, and this latest leak adds further fuel to the fire by revealing their names: Mystic Black, Engineered Blue and Artisan Copper.

However, the Artisan Copper hue isn't listed next to the 512GB model, which could mean that it won't be available on the larger storage Galaxy Note 9. This could, however simply be an oversight, or a variable that's only applicable to Indonesia.

What we do know is that all will be revealed on August 9 in New York at the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 launch event, and TechRadar will be reporting live from the unveiling to bring you everything you need to know.

Via SamMobile

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