Samsung Galaxy Note 20 colors: all the shades and combinations available

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 colors
(Image credit: Samsung)

The Samsung Galaxy Note 20 and Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra come in a wide range of colors and finishes, but which one is right for you? And more importantly, is it available in your country?

There are five distinct shades to choose from at launch, but not every combination you select will grant you the color you desire. Depending on the model you choose or connectivity variant you had in mind, however, some colors won’t be available. 

That’s why we’ve created this handy guide to highlight all the different combinations. Of course, Samsung may choose to release more colors later down the line, but at the time of writing you have the following options.

Mystic Bronze

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Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Mystic Bronze

(Image credit: Samsung)

The signature color for this year’s Samsung Galaxy Note range, Mystic Bronze has featured heavily in Samsung’s marketing push for its new range of products, and it admittedly looks classy without being obnoxious. 

Mystic Bronze is available for both the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 and Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra in all territories, however, there are some caveats.

In the UK, the Samsung Galaxy Note S20 Ultra handset is only available with 5G connectivity, with storage options for 256GB or 512GB. The regular Note S20 does support both 4G and 5G connectivity, though you’re limited to 256 GB

For the US, the situation is slightly different. For starters, no 4G models are available on either model, and the phone capacity is 128GB on the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 instead of 256GB. The same is true of the Galaxy Note Ultra, with your choices being either 128GB or 512GB. 

To keep things interesting, consumers in Australia will also be offered a slightly different deal. Both models are available in Mystic Bronze, and you can also get either 4G or 5G connectivity on either handset. Storage is capped at 256 GB for Samsung Galaxy Note 20, but the Note 20 Ultra does offer buyers the option to pick 512GB of storage if you choose the 5G model.

Mystic Green 

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Mystic Green

(Image credit: Samsung)

Moving on, Mystic Green is the next color option that might catch your eye. A rather muted minty finish gives the Note 20 a unique appearance that some may find appealing. 

However, the availability of Mystic Green is far more limited depending on the specs or phone model you desire. Starting with the UK, Mystic Green is only available on the Samsung Galaxy Note 20. 

If you wanted the Note 20 Ultra in this color, you’re sadly out of luck. The same is true in both the US and Australia, with only the Mystic Green available on the Samsung Galaxy Note 20.

Mystic Grey 

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Mystic Grey

(Image credit: Samsung)

Next up is Mystic Grey which, just like Mystic Green, is only available on the Samsung Galaxy Note 20. The finish is almost gun metal at a glance, and it certainly elevates the phone to make it look more business-focused, which could be a winner for young professionals.

You can get the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 in this color in both 4G and 5G in the UK and Australia, but only 5G connectivity is available in the US and the storage is halved to 128GB from 256GB.

Mystic White 

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra Mystic White

(Image credit: Samsung)

But what about Mystic White? Well, this cool and simple color combination is only available on the more expensive Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra. In the UK, you’re restricted to 5G connectivity and 256GB of storage, while the US can pick between either 128GB or 512GB of storage. 

Australia has the most choice, though, as both 4G and 5G connectivity can be selected and there’s a choice between 256GB or 512GB of storage.

Mystic Black 

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra Mystic Black

(Image credit: Samsung)

Last, but by no means least, is Mystic Black. A firm favorite with anyone who’s after a straight-forward color that goes with practically anything, Mystic Black is once again only available on the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra. The combinations are exactly the same as we saw with Mystic White, which should make picking between the two a much easier decision.

And there you have it. Five color combinations, across two different models of Samsung Galaxy phones. As we’ve seen, your decision might come down to more than just the finish depending on your location, but there’s enough variety that most people should find something to suit. 

Still, for some the colors won't compare to the gorgeous purple Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus BTS Edition. That's due for release later this year.

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