Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro leaked images suggest a new design is coming

Samsung Galaxy Buds Live
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The 2021 smartphone season is said to kick-off early this time, with the Samsung Galaxy S21 series expected to launch as early as January. New leaks suggest that the next-gen connected device ecosystem won’t be too far.

Samsung is among the many Android OEMs looking to unveil its upcoming products a little earlier than usual. Notable leaker Evan Blass has now shared details about the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro, which are expected to share the stage with the S21 family. By the looks of it, it seems like the Korean giant is looking to combine the best bits from all of its past true wireless earbuds.

The images show the Buds Pro and their case in a new purple colourway — likely to be one of the colour options of the S21 as well. The buds look similar to the Galaxy Buds Plus from early 2020 with a minimalistic round exterior and an in-ear style driver. The fins that would hold the buds in place are now gone, taking a cue from the Buds Live. Even the case will opt for a squarish design which opens horizontally. Recent FCC filings also revealed that a bigger 500mAh battery will power them. 

As reported earlier, it seems almost certain that the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro will have active noise cancellation, further corroborated by the in-ear design and the large grille for the mics to analyse external sounds. 

Evan also states that the Buds Pro will not replace the Buds Plus, but be sold at a different price, allowing Samsung to address multiple price points at once. While the Buds Live were applauded for their ingenious design, the ANC was underwhelming. Perhaps this time Samsung will get it right.

With reports pointing to a January timeframe for the next Unpacked event, it shouldn’t be long before we get to know more about the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro. They will go up against the second-gen AirPods Pro, which are also expected to launch later in 2021.


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