Samsung DeX goes wireless, only if you have a Galaxy S21

Samsung DeX
(Image credit: Samsung)

Samsung’s DeX has been the technology which everyone thought could finally let you leave your laptop behind and use the processing prowess of the powerful processor on the smartphone to perform more than basic tasks on the go by connecting the phone to a monitor, TV screen or computer.

However, the fact that it needed a wired connection between the two devices to enable this feature has been its biggest drawback. But with the Note 20 lineup, Samsung was expected to get rid of this limitation by enabling wireless connectivity on DeX.

This has finally changed with OneUI 3.1 and you can connect your Samsung device wirelessly to a display of the computer. Though as of now only Samsung’s S21 series is currently capable of doing so.

Folks at AndroidPolice have been able to connect the phone with both a computer and a TV and unfortunately reported a few bugs as well. As of now, the wireless stream is limited to 1080p with a noticeable lag and stutter when the feature was tested on the TV.

On the other hand, no delay or lag was noticed on a laptop, though the performance is still not up to the mark compared to a cabled connection. Additionally, one should also avoid using S Pen, as of now, as DeX doesn’t seem to be responding to the inputs from the S Pen on the Galaxy S21 Ultra. This indeed is disappointing for the S 21 Ultra users who thought they could go sketching using the S Pen on your phone while connected via DeX.

Another limitation that has been reported with DeX functionality is that it cannot co-exist with the Link to Windows application from Microsoft. Users who have been using Microsoft’s utility might need to disable it to use DeX to link their Galaxy phone and their computer.

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