Rumors growing that Canon has a 100MP EOS R with IBIS in the works

We've already heard rumors that the replacement for Canon's ageing 50.6MP EOS 5DS DSLR is likely to be mirrorless, with those rumors suggesting the new camera will sport a sensor delivering more than 75MP.

Northlight has now been told this number could in fact hit 100MP, and if that turns out to be the case it would push the camera way beyond current mirrorless offerings, with more than double the pixel count of the 42.2MP Sony Alpha A7R III and both of Nikon's offerings, the 45.7MP D850 and 45.7MP Z7.

Although it's not quite a fair comparison, it would also potentially see the new Canon EOS R mirrorless model competing with medium-format rivals like Fujifilm's forthcoming 100MP GFX 100S. Speaking of medium-format, Northlight's source also understands that development work on a Canon medium-format product line has been discontinued. 

What else do we know about Canon's potential high-resolution full-frame mirrorless camera? On top of the expected 100MP sensor, we could also see the arrival of in-body image stabilization (IBIS) according to Evidently IBIS wasn't ready for the EOS R release, although prototypes with IBIS were being tested before launch. The absence of IBIS has been a bit of a black mark against the EOS R, so we'd expect Canon to include this tech in future camera releases. 

We're unlikely to see a 100MP camera this year though, with a 2020 launch more likely – Canon will need to bolster its native RF lens offering beforehand to take full advantage of a 100MP sensor. 

Phil Hall

Phil Hall is an experienced writer and editor having worked on some of the largest photography magazines in the UK, and now edit the photography channel of TechRadar, the UK's biggest tech website and one of the largest in the world. He has also worked on numerous commercial projects, including working with manufacturers like Nikon and Fujifilm on bespoke printed and online camera guides, as well as writing technique blogs and copy for the John Lewis Technology guide.