Pure's three new electric scooters include one with a massive 50km range

Pure Air Pro 2021
(Image credit: Pure)

The Pure Air and Air Pro were two of the top electric scooters of 2020, and now the company has unveiled a second-generation model of each – as well as a brand new entry in the line.

The 2021 Pure Air line-up includes a new Air and Air Pro, both improvements on the original models, as well as the Pure Air Go, a new entry-level model that's cheaper than its siblings.

You can buy the Pure Air Go, Pure Air (2021) and Pure Air Pro (2021) from Pure's website, and the first-gen model listings have been taken down, so don't worry if you're confused - whatever scooter you're looking at is the recent one.

How do they compare?

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Pure Air line-up
MetricPure Air GoPure Air (2020)Pure Air (2021)Pure Air Pro (2020)Pure Air Pro (2021)
Max speed25kmph25kmph25kmph25kmph25kmph
ExtrasRow 6 - Cell 1 Row 6 - Cell 2 USB portRow 6 - Cell 4 USB port

In addition to the above specifications, the Pure scooters all have some aspects in common – they're IP65 protected against bad weather with internal waterproofing, come bedecked in lights and reflectors, have 10-inch wheels, and work with the company's smartphone app.

All the scooters max out at 25kmph, or 15.5mph – that's the legal speed limit of such vehicles in the UK, so there'd be no point in them being able to go higher.

As you can see from the spec list, the Pure Air Pro 2021 is a real champion – not only is it cheaper than its predecessor, but it has a huge 50km range, one which no same-price rivals come close to. The 500W motor will make the scooter powerful for steep inclines, so you won't see as much slowing when you take on a hill.

The Pure Air Go seems like a solid entry-level option for people who haven't owned a scooter before – its range is a little limited, but it has the same build as the Pure Air 2021 in most other regards.

The Pure Air 2020 was our top-rated scooter of the year, so the Air 2021 has big boots to fill. It might well manage it, with a more powerful motor and a USB port so you can charge your phone or accessories while you ride.

We'll be testing all the Pure Air electric scooters soon, so you can see how the second-generation models fit into the line-up, whether they're worthy replacements of their predecessors, and if they're the best electric scooters for you. 

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