Telstra preps for Google Glass, launches AFL Glassware

Telstra AFL Glassware app
Glassware for the footy fan...

Everyone seems very excited about Google Glass, though not many have even had the opportunity to see it physically yet.

Telstra, the digital partner for AFL, however, is seemingly trying to stay ahead of the curve as it has announced that it will be launching an AFL app for Google's new wearable tech.

"We've announced today that we've taken innovation to a new level, launching AFL Glassware, one of the first sporting applications worldwide for the highly anticipated Google Glass," wrote Adam Good, the director of Digital Media and Content at Telstra.

"Although Google Glass is not yet for sale within Australia, we felt it was important to anticipate the need of our customers and have applications ready for the marketplace when it does go on sale."

Called AFL Glassware, the app will give users access to live match commentary, scores and scheduling while watching the game, though you could obviously check on things if you're stuck at the shops.

"Imagine a translucent heads-up display unobtrusively positioned in your vision field, giving you real-time updates on what's happening around the league," explained Good.

Wares for glass

As new technology, it is still not entirely clear how Google Glass will end up being used by the masses in the future, but devs continue to explore the possibilities.

In the sporting arena, Glass could end up being an interesting companion piece, and may make giant screens at stadiums for scores and replays redundant in the long run.

In the meanwhile though, if you like your gadgets and you like your AFL, then this is the perfect marriage.

If lots of beer and lots of screaming is more your AFL-outing norm, then maybe leave the expensive Glass-wear at home.

As mentioned earlier though, Google Glass isn't on sale yet in Australia, but it's nice to see some local content being made ready for its release.

Glass is scheduled to go on sale at some point next year, while the app will be ready for the 2014 season of AFL.