Amazon Windowshop for UK iPad owners arrives

Amazon Windowshop - you see what they did?
Amazon Windowshop - you see what they did? has launched its version of the Amazon Windowshop – a 'complete rewrite' of the site specifically for the Apple iPad. is, as you already know, the UK version of the online merchant giant's operation, and it has now created a specially tailored version of the site for iPads, following in the footsteps of its US big brother.

Amazon Windowshop boasts a"fluid user interaction…made possible by the iPad's responsive, multi-touch interface", which Amazon is hoping will tempt Apple fans into a late Christmas spree.

Without compromise

"Amazon Windowshop has been designed and built without compromise just for iPad and we are excited to be able to bring it to customers in the UK in time for Christmas," said Greg Greeley, Vice President EU Retail at Amazon.

"It's a top-to-bottom rewrite of with a completely new fluid experience that offers users a unique, fast and convenient way to search, browse and buy from and thousands of Marketplace sellers.

"It is the same vast selection, same low prices, same convenient shipping offers – such as the Amazon Prime program – but with a new touch screen interface for shopping wherever customers use their iPad."

Amazon Windowshop is a free download from the Apple App Store, and there are German and French versions if you prefer.

Patrick Goss

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