New Amazon Kindle to launch alongside Kindle Fire 2?

New Amazon Kindle to launch alongside Kindle Fire 2?
Lookin' good

A new Kindle has shown up at the FCC suggesting that Amazon may have a regular Kindle ready to rock alongside the oft-rumoured Kindle Fire 2.

The device was registered by an anonymous company called Hannaford LLC, which the detectives over at The Digital Reader traced back to Corporation Service Company, known to be a front used by Amazon.

Going by the product code "EY21", the new Kindle comes with both Wi-Fi and 3G and will be rectangular – that's about all that can be gleaned from the application documents.

Thrilling stuff

The device documents were apparently submitted in October 2011 and tested on March 2012, while "Hannaford" requested that the operational descriptions and more detailed schematics be kept secret on a permanent basis.

There's also a short term confidentiality agreement of pictures and the user manual be kept quiet for 180 days from the application date (six months).

That doesn't really give us a clue as to a release date because Amazon could reveal the new Kindle ahead of time – but it does tell us that there will be a new Amazon Kindle by February, so that's something.

Under 'product description', the documents state, "Model EY21 is an ereader. The primary use of this device is to download the ebook and periodical offering from the content provider. Model EY21 does not support voice transmission" and adds that "the wireless operations are operator-independent".

As well as the new Kindle documents, the company also seems to have trademarked the term 'Firedock' which, presumably, will be a dock for the Kindle Fire.

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