Cheapest Kindle set for kid-friendly software update

Cheapest Kindle set for kid-friendly software update
Careful when you sit down, lady

The £89 Kindle is set for a software update that brings improved parental controls and pop-up text to the popular budget ereader.

The new firmware, which will be delivered through Wi-Fi at some point in the coming weeks, will bring a new, higher-contrast font that makes reading on the gadget more 'paper-like'.

As well as regressing to a paper-style font, update 4.1.10 brings more stringent parental controls so mamas and papas can restrict access to the browser and Kindle Store, as well as locking any racy books they might have in their own library.

Pop up pirate

Smut might be off the menu but Kindle Text Pop-Up support should keep the kids quiet, as well as the fact that more complex book layouts made using Kindle Format 8 will also be a go after the update.

Amazon is also rocking out the Kindle Panel View which allows you to read a comic book panel-by-panel – books that work with Panel View and Text Pop-Up will be coming to the Kindle Store over the next few weeks.

Other thrilling additions include dictionaries being tidied away into a special collection imaginatively named 'Dictionaries' and improved panning and zooming on tables and images.

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