Apple iWatch tipped to pack more than 10 sensors, sport multiple sizes

Apple iWatch
Watching and waiting

Although no one outside of Cupertino really knows what Apple is planning for its first smartwatch, the rumor mill is heating up with new speculation about what might be packed into the wearable device.

The Wall Street Journal has the scoop that Apple may be planning "multiple versions" of the so-called iWatch, which is facing increased expectation for a launch this fall, possibly in October.

Presumably in conjunction with the new Health app featured in the upcoming iOS 8, sources claim Apple plans to pack "more than 10 sensors" into the gadget, apparently including one already rumored to gather data from the wearer's sweat.

An earlier report June 19 claimed production on the widely anticipated wearable is expected sometime during the next two or three months from Taiwanese manufacturer Quanta Computer, a longtime Apple supplier.

Small device, big hopes

The latest report cites the usual "person familiar with the matter" who claims the iWatch is likely to come in a few size options, although exact specifications are still being finalized.

Presumably the large number of sensors are intended to gather health and fitness data, with one unnamed component supplier claiming Apple plans to ship 10 million to 15 million of the wearable devices by the end of the year.

But first the iPhone maker will have to overcome consumers' lack of interest in such a device, while rivals Samsung, Google and others flounder in an apparent attempt to stay ahead of Apple's rumored smartwatch.

Amid criticism Cupertino is out of ideas, Apple CEO Tim Cook recently teased the company would jump into a new product category this year; the report remarked Apple's previous groundbreaking device was the iPad four years ago.

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