LG's kid-monitoring Kizon wearable is coming to Europe

LG's KizON wearable for kids coming to Europe
Keep track of the kiddies

LG has announced that its child-focused wearable device called Kizon will be coming to Europe.

The Kizon is a colourful plastic wristband that syncs with the child's smartphone and, via GPS, gives parents a real-time location for their little ankle biters. Additionally, parents can set a location reminder and pre-set the device to send them location alerts throughout the day.

There's a single button on the front of the Kizon that LG calls the 'One Step Direct Call' button. Pressing it allows the parent to speak directly to the child or the other way around using the device's on-board micro SIM.


According to LG, the battery life runs to 36 hours and when it drops below 20 percent the device will alert both the child and the parent that it's in need of a charge.

Currently only available in South Korea, the Kizon will first launch in Poland first, followed by other European countries. LG hasn't revealed what the UK price and release date will be yet, but it could well be in time for the Christmas shopping period.