LG G Watch details sees battle with Samsung watches brewing

We're inching ever closer to the upcoming Android Wear invasion, which gets a wee bit closer today thanks to a few additional launch details from manufacturer LG.

Pocket-Lint was on hand to catch an up-close and personal look at a final prototype for LG's forthcoming G Watch, powered by Google's wearable software.

Although the device wasn't actually operational, LG confirmed the G Watch will be available in the UK before July when it will sell for less than £180 (about AU$322).

That may sound a bit on the pricey side considering many of us pay less for a smartphone (with a two-year contract, that is), but the report claims the device "certainly felt premium," which sounds like it may be worth the numbers on the price tag.

Gee, watch

The non-functioning LG G Watch prototype is completely buttonless, which many observers noted after seeing mockup pictures at the Android Wear launch, but is described as otherwise having a strong, slick build.

Like the latest Pebble Steel, G Watch owners will also be able to swap out the included strap for another more to their liking, and LG plans to follow up the squarish design with something rounder down the road.

Judging from the hands on photos, the LG G Watch is only a hair larger than the new Samsung Gear 2, which turned its back on the Android platform in favor of a wearables variant of the Korean manufacturer's own Tizen OS.

Assuming the rough July time-frame pans out, LG has less than 90 days to nail down the details and whip the G Watch software into shape prior to release.