Archos lines up budget smartwatches for CES 2014

Archos smartwatch
Cheeky tease from Archos, there

Archos has announced that it will be making a splurge of "connected home" devices at CES 2014, and it'll be throwing its own range of smartwatches into the mix too.

Still not sold on smartwatches? The good news is that it looks like Archos has been taking more inspiration from the Pebble than the Samsung Galaxy Gear. For one thing, its watches will be compatible with both Android and iOS.

They're also coming in with a price tag starting at £50 ($80, about AU$93), which could be the key to getting them off shelves and onto people's wrists. The teaser picture also suggests these wrist-wrappers might have the black and white e-paper style of the Pebble too.

The watch in the image also displays the date as January 5, suggesting that Archos might be giving us the full details before CES even gets fully underway.

Ok, what else?

Archos also announced it will also be unveiling a 7-inch, Android-running "custom-designed Smart Home Tablet" at the Vegas show.

Although it's keeping quiet on the finer details, the slab will be used to talk with a number of smart devices around the house, letting you look awesome as you turn the lights on and off with the touch of the screen.

Also in the mix is an Archos fitness band - named the "Archos Activity Monitor" - that'll record your daily steps, calories burned, and will display the time in the style of the Fitbit Force. Because anyone who's anyone has a fitness band to offer right now.

Hugh Langley

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