Sony releases water-resistant Metal Gear Solid-themed Walkman

Sony launches water-resistant Metal Gear-themed Walkman
Sony launches water-resistant Metal Gear-themed Walkman

Sony is set to release a limited edition water-resistant wearable Walkman, with camo-branding to celebrate the forthcoming release of the new Metal Gear Solid game on PSP.

You can even wear it in the shower, according to Sony. Although why you would want to is of course a different matter entirely.

Walkman in the rain (man)

“Uniquely styled with a distinctive green camouflage finish, the all-in-one, wire-free MP3 player also comes pre-loaded with six music tracks from the game,” Sony informs us.

“Designed for today’s active lifestyles, the Walkman W252 is the first wire-free MP3 player from Sony that resists rain splashes or the sweat of a gruelling gym session. After exercising, just rinse under the tap – or even keep listening during a post-workout shower.

The latest Sony Walkman has a 2GB capacity and provides storage space for around 470 tunes. It also comes bundled with the 13.5mm EX Series headphones, which are also camouflaged, in case you need to hide your ears.

A three-minute charge gives enough power for 90 minutes listening time. And the full battery will give you 11 hours of listening time.

Sony’s PSP has its critics, for sure, but the new Metal Gear title from Hideo Kojima really is something pretty special. We are still less than a quarter of the way through it and can happily report that it is a delightful handheld gaming experience.

The Special Edition Sony Walkman will be available from June 2010 from

Adam Hartley