iPod touch, nano begin to ship to stores and customers

iPod touch
the fifth iPod touch is on its way

Apple is shipping orders of the fifth-generation iPod touch and the seventh iPod nano, according to word around the net. The new goodies should arrive in stores early next week.

9to5Mac reports readers who preordered the new iPod touch received notices from Apple saying their devices shipped and are expected to arrive on Oct. 15.

Apple even posted a user guide on iBooks for the new iPod touch this morning.

Apple promised the devices would be out in October, but today is the first glimpse of when the two iPods will make their way to the wild.

Out in the world

International customers are getting the iPod touch around the same time. An Australian reader reported getting the same notice with an Oct. 15 delivery estimate.

iPod touches are even showing up at some retailers. This morning, Engadget China's editor-in-chief tweeted about the new iPod touch with a picture of it in his hand from a Hong Kong Apple store.

The new iPod nanos are a little bit more of a mystery. Though users are getting their iPod touches, the status for the nanos says "preparing for shipment." So it shouldn't be too much longer.

iPod touch: The new loot

The new iPod touch is thinner, lighter and, at 4-inches diagonal, taller than its predecessor. It also features a new beefed up dual-core A5 chip, and a sharper rear camera that shoots 1080p video.

One of the newest features is a retractable knob that hooks onto the new iPod touch loop, a free lanyard Apple added.

It also comes with the new high-quality "EarPod" headphones equipped with a remote and mic.

The new nano comes with a larger 2.5-inch display, which can show up to six apps now. It also has a FM tuner, Bluetooth and returns with the popular pedometer. It also has the new EarPod sans mic and remote.

Both iPods are built with Apple's new Lightning dock. Those who still have a lot of the old cords may be glad to hear Apple started shipping Lightning-to-30-pin adapters yesterday. But at US$29 (AUD$25, GB£18), it will be a little pricy.

The 16 GB iPod nano costs US$149 (AUD$169, GB£93), the 32GB iPod touch costs US$299 (AUD$329, GB£249) with the 64GB version costing US$399 (AUD$439, GB£329).

Via 9to5Mac