New iPod nano livens things up with bigger screen, bubblegum colors

new iPod nano
Six bright colors, plus black

Apple's Greg Joswiak took the stage today at a highly anticipated press conference in San Francisco to introduce a new generation of devices, including the revamped iPod nano.

The new iPod nano brings a number of changes to the quintessential smaller iPod.

Most notably, the new iPod nano brings with it a larger, 2.5-inch display, with room for six on-screen apps, as well as a home button (like the iPod touch and iPhone) on the front and volume/playback buttons on the side.

The new iPod nano also includes an FM tuner and Bluetooth, along with the fitness and pedometer features that nano fans are used to.

Back to basics

The design of the new iPod nano hearkens back to older iPod nano designs, before the super-small, square 2010 nano came out.

Yet, it integrates a touch screen and home button like Apple's newer iPod touch and iPhone, making it a true mix of old and new.

The new iPod nano comes in seven colors, including white, black, pink, green, blue, yellow, and red.

But those colors only cover the device's back and a small trim around the sides, the front appearing to be made of Apple's signature white glass (except on the black iPod nano, which appears to have black glass on the front).

'The thinnest iPod ever'

Apple is calling the new iPod Nano "the thinnest iPod ever," at just 5-millimeters thick.

At the same time, it's got the largest display of any iPod Nano ever.

The new iPod nano also uses Apple's new, eight-pin Lightning dock connector, also introduced at the event today.

In addition to the new iPod nano, iPod touch and iPhone 5 unveiled today, Apple revealed pricing for the 2GB iPod shuffle at $49 and the new high-quality "EarPod" headphones, which Joswiak said Apple has been developing for the last three years.

The new iPod Nano will be available in October with 16GB of storage for $149.

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