Hidden Google Glass code hints at 'Boutique' app store

As Google continues to shape its pre-release version of Google Glass, the latest firmware update has brought new features such a web browser - but it turns out that there are also a few other hints below the surface.

The most interesting new discovery lying dormant in the XE7 APK update code is a "Boutique" which hints at being a centralised app store.

Google Glass is currently lacking a go-to destination for applications, and the new discovery reveals that something is coming to fill that gap, well ahead of its consumer release.

Lock 'n' load

Another welcome new feature hinted at is a locking mechanism, which would function by the wearer swiping in a specific pattern.

This is something Google has mentioned in the past in response to questions over what happens when someone steals your Glass and suddenly has access to all your information.

Also buried in the code are some new media player functions, featuring playback controls, track information and some talk of a video player as well. Volume control has been officially added already, so everything seems to be coming together nicely.

There's no way of knowing when these new features will arrive, but the fact they're showing up in the coding now should mean that Google is busily working to get them out the door soon.

Check out a demo of the Google Glass XE7 web browser below.

Via Slashgear

Hugh Langley

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