Google to consider handing over future Glass production to Motorola?

Google is considering giving its Motorola arm the responsibility of manufacturering future iterations of the Google Glass hardware, according to Moto's chief executive.

Dennis Woodside told the Wall Street Journal that building the AR specs "could someday be an opportunity" for the company.

Moto is already advising its overlords at Google how to handle some of the production issues relating to the first iteration of the future-thinking device, which will reportedly be assembled in the United States.

The Journal's report also claimed Google is "forming tighter connections" with Motorola, despite assuring other hardware partners that its multi-billion dollar acquisition won't result in favoured nation status.

Shrewd move

The first Motorola device in the new era, the Moto X, was unveiled on Thursday and despite some rather subtle new touches, it wasn't a hugely obvious Google device.

Moto retained some exclusive software features such as its new camera interface, contactless voice commands and a new Active Notifications feature that don't yet feature in the core Android experience.

The device also maintains a familiar design language, and will not come fitted with the newest version of Android Jelly Bean, 4.3, confirming Google's paw-print isn't plastered all over the Moto X.

Although Google bought Moto largely because of its giant patent portfolio, it was also seen as a shrewd move to guard against Samsung's growing domination of the Android ecosystem.

Chris Smith

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