Preview: iTunes Live Festival

iTunes Live kicks off every night in July at KOKO in Camden Town
iTunes Live kicks off every night in July at KOKO in Camden Town

It's Glastonbury this weekend, and as we pack our bags full of our essential festival kit, let's not forget that Apple is planning its own music festival early next month.

iTunes Live kicks off in the centre of the indie mecca that is London's Camden Town for 31 fun-filled nights of music on July 1st.

Weller, N*E*R*D, Ting Tings

"31 days. 60 bands. One venue." reads the blurb on the Apple's iTunes Live site.

It's a cracking concept, particularly when you bear in mind that some of the bands playing include Paul Weller, The Ting Tings, N*E*R*D and Hadouken! (Though the less said about the misjudged booking of wet, ex-army warbler James Blunt, the better…)

Glorious sleaze

iTunes takes over London's legendary KOKO club (previously the gloriously sleazy dive known as the Camden Palace) for the entire month of July.

The catch? You cannot buy tickets, you have to win them, which you can try to do on the iTunes Live website.

Should you fail to win, you can still buy up a copy of each live performance from iTunes after each gig. No, we know it's not the same. Let's just hope we see you at the top bar in KOKO sometime next month.

Adam Hartley