Toshiba launches Flickr-friendly digi-frames

Tosh's new Flickr-friendly digital photo frame
Tosh's new Flickr-friendly digital photo frame

Toshiba has announced two new digital photo frames with Wi-Fi connectivity that are able to support FrameChannel accounts, allowing users to stream anything from Facebook picture galleries to stock movements on the FTSE 100 direct to their digital photo frame.

FrameChannel accounts are free to set up and there are currently over 1000 channels in 19 different categories users can subscribe to.

Popular channels include photo-sharing sites like Flickr and Photobucket, as well as social networking sites like Facebook. In addition users can opt to receive up to the minute stock quotes, localised weather and traffic reports or sports reports.

High-res picture sharing

Toshiba remains tight-lipped about the specifications of each frame, although they do promise "high-resolution" screens, "high gloss design", "touch sensitive controls" and a "tilt sensor" that enables pictures to be displayed in portrait or landscape mode.

The two frames will be available in a choice of 8-inch models (DMF82XWU in white, or DMF82XKU in black), or as a 10-inch model in black (DMF82XKU).

UK release dates and prices have yet to be confirmed yet, but in the US the frames are due to go on sale in August priced around £110 for the 8-inch models and £140 for the 10-inch model.

Alternatively, you might want to hold fire and wait for the arrival of the Skyla digi-frame, due for release at some point in the coming months - a novel new design that incorporates a print photo scanner into the bottom of the device, so that you can quickly and easily scan in all those boxes of old photos from last century!