Samsung refreshes NX lineup

Samsung NX210
Samsung has added three new cameras to its NX range, including the NX210.

Samsung has refreshed its line-up of NX compact system cameras, adding the NX20, the NX210 and NX1000 to its existing line-up of mirrorless cameras, with each of the new models coming complete with Wi-Fi connectivity.

One of the first companies to launch a compact system camera, the new cameras sit in two distinct categories. The NX20 is aimed at enthusiasts, and is shaped to reflect a traditional DSLR.

Meanwhile, the NX210 and NX1000 fit into the company's "style" offering, and are aimed primarily at those looking to buy into a system for the first time.

All three of the new cameras now come with Wi-Fi connectivity, which is something Samsung introduced in its compact camera range earlier in the year. This now allows for images to be instantly uploaded to social networking sites such as Facebook and cloud storage solutions.

Another common feature for all three cameras is the same 20.3 million pixel APS-C CMOS sensor as found in the NX200, while all of the new models also include 8fps shooting, a smart panel for quickly choosing between options and i-Function lenses (which allow for key parameters to be changed via a button on the lens).


The NX20 is a replacement for the NX11 and is styled after a traditional DSLR. It features a newly designed hybrid mechanical and electronical shutter release and is capable of shooting at 1/6000s, which Samsung claims makes the NX200 the fastest compact system camera on the market.

It also features a 3.0 inch AMOLED swivelling screen, with previous problems with reflections improved by a new UV resin in the gap in the airgap between the screen and camera body.

Meanwhile, the NX210 is a replacement for the NX200, featuring the same body design as its predecessor. The main upgrade for this camera is the added Wi-Fi functionality and the addition of 8fps shooting, although various other upgrades have also been made.

Both the NX20 and NX210 come supplied with an improved kit lens, which now features a metal mount, an improvement on the plastic mount of the previous version.

Mass appeal

The NX1000 is the camera Samsung believes will be its bulk seller, and is claimed to be the world's lightest compact system camera, weighing in at just 359g (including battery and memory card).

Focusing primarily on beginner audiences, the main selling point of the camera will be its "smart tech", that is the ability to connect with smart phones to share images and shoot remotely.

The Samsung NX20 price is set to be £899 (around $1,440) with a 18-55mm OIS III kit lens. The Samsung NX210 price will be around £749 (around $1,200) also with the 18-55mm kit lens, while finally the Samsung NX1000 price is expected to be £599 (around $959) and comes with the 20-50mm lens.

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