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Samsung extends hi-def camcorder range

The Samsung HMX-U10
The Samsung HMX-U10
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Samsung has unveiled three new HD camcorders designed to make shooting things really, really clearly even easier.

The HMX-U10 is a teeny little camcorder that records in full HD and also allows camera lover to take 10 MP still photos. An easy to hit upload button provides an easy connection to YouTube for video sharing.

It has a 56mm x 103mm x 15.5mm, and weighs 95g with battery, meaning it's pocketable alongside your mobile phone as well.

It has a different design in that it's angled in a sort of wave pattern, apparently reducing stress on the arm by removing the need to tilt the thing seven degrees.

According to Samsung, the HMX-U10 boasts several unique features to make video recording even more enjoyable, including built-in "intelli-studio software" (which we assume is makes video formatting and editing a cinch), animated thumbnails, and a "versatile charging system".

SMX-K40 and SMX-K44


The other new releases from the Korean ones (not LG) are the SMX-K40 and SMX-K44, which record in standard definition but then upscale before viewing through an HDMI connection.

The camcorders record standard definition video at a resolution of 720x480 before using a load of processing gubbins to make it look all whizz-bang hi-def on your TV.

The SMX-K44 has an internal 16GB Solid State Drive (SSD), which provides up to 10h20 hours of recording, depending on the chosen mode. Sadly, the SMX-K40 does not have internal storage and therefore means you need to toddle to your local reputable electronics retailer to buy an SD/SDHC card.

Both camcorders have a 65x Intelli-Zoom function, which allows them to extend beyond the 52x zoom on board to see what's happening over in the distance without the need to actually go there.

The intelli-studio software is back again, and the animated thumbnails and versatile charging system. Samsung is noting these features as unique, but given they're on three camcorders it's hard to see how that can be the case.

The HMX-U10 will be available from September, and the SMX-K40 and SMX-K44 will be landing in August for all you lucky camcorder people.

No prices as yet, but we've made the call. You know which one.

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