Panasonic shows off flagship 3MOS camcorders

"Panasonic shows off flagship 3MOS camcorders
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Panasonic has unveiled its flagship HD camcorders, with the HC-X900, X900M and X800 all boasting 3MOS system Pro, Leica Dicomar lenses and Crystal Engine Pro II.

Panasonic insists that its latest offerings prove that it is not sitting on its laurels, suggesting that the trio of new arrivals all provide "bright and beautiful images".

With an optional 3D conversion lens, all three camcorders will shoot Full HD 3D footage in AVCHD 3D format.

But what of the features? All three models bring 3MOS System pro - combining Advanced 3MOS sensor with a new picel shift tech and a Leica Dicomar Lens with Nano Surface Coating technology and that Crystal Engine Pro II image processor under the hood


The new arrivals are, according to Panasonic, capable of providing the company's highest-ever image quality.

Also thrown in willy nilly is the company's Hybrid OIS to reduce blur, OIS lock to maximise stability in shaky times and intelligent auto (iA) with Face recognition.

Then there's the time lapse recording features and 60 fps burst shooting - on top of the expected Full HD video recording - with 12x optical zoom and 23x 'intelligent' zoom.

The lower end X800 has a 3 inch LCD, whilst the X900 and X900M have half an inch more touchscreen and also get a manual ring and 5.1 channel sound. The last two only differ in their recording methods with the X900M utilising flash and X900 SD cards.

The camcorders have a UK release date of February 2012.

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