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T-Mobile may be prepping to expand its coverage by buying spectrum

Shakira T-mobile
Shakira performing at an 'un-carrier' event (that's how hip T-Mobile is)

T-Mobile has made a name for itself in a few ways, not least of them as the "uncarrier." But it's not known for its great coverage.

That could change if the carrier really is about to purchase a chunk of low frequency spectrum band from Verizon, as a report from November 28 suggested.

T-Mobile has been accruing cash assets, selling $1.8 billion of stock a few weeks ago and recently filing paperwork to sell $2 billion worth of bonds, according to Android Community.

And it looks like it might use that cash to buy a block of spectrum in the 700MHz A and B blocks from Verizon, as the Wall Street Journal reported it would earlier in November.

Widening the web

That spectrum is part of a chunk that Verizon is selling off as part of a deal it made with the FCC that allowed the carrier to purchase cable spectrum.

It's not a fast block of spectrum, so it won't do anything for T-Mobile's data speeds.

But it just might allow the carrier to improve its coverage, which would help its image compared to larger competitors AT&T and Verizon.

Of course, this is all hearsay for now. But expect to see more headlines about the "un-carrier" soon.