People aren't buying nearly as many new phones as they used to

Samsung phones

Smartphone sales are seriously slowing down, according to a new analytics report, pegging last quarters growth to be the slowest it's been in about 6 years.

A new report from Strategy Analytics says that global smartphone shipments grew only about 10% since last year, which is the slowest it's been since the 2009 recession.

The report explains the slowdown is likely due to "increasing penetration maturity in major markets of the US, Europe and China," which translates to most people already having a smartphone in these areas.

And for those who already do have smartphones, many are probably not buying new smartphones every year.

Samsung is king

Even with the slowing smartphone sales, both Apple and Samsung have seen slight increases in smartphone sales from the same Q3 period last year.

Samsung has the lion's share of the market share right now, with 23.7%, though it's a slight decline from Q3 2014, when it had 24.5%.

Still, it did see an increase in sales, with about 83.8 million units shipped, this year compared to last year's 79.2 million units.

Meanwhile, Apple sits at about 13.6% of the market share, an increase from Q3 2014's 12.2%. In terms of sales, 48 million units were shipped, a decemt increase compared to last year's 39.3 million units.

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