Which is the best Three phone?

Network Guide - Three
Everything you need to know about Three's range

Size matters. Big is beautiful. No matter how you put it, having a lot of something is better than having not very much. The guys at the numerically minded network seem to agree in their offering of The One Plan.

Despite sounding very much like a cheesy boy band or Saturday night TV show, it provides all-you-can-eat tether-able data (try saying that three times fast), 5000 texts and 2000 any network minutes, on top of 5000 Three-to-Three minutes.

It seems a bonus to have tethering on contracts, although it is becoming more common place. Still, it's something we're glad is bundled, and hope that it becomes more common place.

Given the network's 3G origins, having other internet-based plans is almost mandatory, and calling yourself Three suggests maybe there should be another two. This is where the Essential and the Ultimate plans introduce themselves.

The Essential Internet Plan provides 250MB capped data and usage alerts: another feature that is highly useful for both parents paying for teen phone plans, and those on a budget.

The Ultimate plan brings along all-you-can-eat data meaning that those who like to upload, download and sideload can breathe easier, though it must be pointed out that this isn't available to tether.

So there's One Plan, One phone, but which one? Here's our guide to the best handsets.

Samsung Galaxy S3

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Galaxy S3

Replacing a phone that could be on this list, the Galaxy S2, comes Samsung's latest flagship Galaxy phone.

We can't speak highly enough of the Galaxy S3, as it brings a superb Super AMOLED HD screen, NFC, 8mp Full HD recording camera and a "blazingly-fast" 1.4ghz quad core processor. Unsurprisingly, it comes with Ice Cream Sandwich, but Jelly Bean is looking very likely.

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The HTC One X has bounded onto the scene, and with its HD screen, NFC capabilities and quad-core processor it really is one of the top phones of the moment.

It's running the latest version of Android in the shape of Ice Cream Sandwich, plus one of the best cameras on the market - capable of shooting 99 photos in a row and taking snaps while recording in 1080p HD. In short, one of the best phones around right now.

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Apple iPhone 4S

Iphone 4s

So it wasn't called the iPhone 5, but Apple shows with its fifth iteration that is sures know how to make a phone. With Apple's own dual-core processing chip underneath and the more-than-superb Retina display, there is plenty of grunt to really show off any of the vast array of apps (we like Temple Run, of course) that the App Store has to offer.

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Samsung Galaxy Nexus

Galaxy nexus

The latest in the line of Nexus branded handsets, comes Samsung's second offering. It heralded the coming of the latest Android iteration, in this case 4.0, Ice Cream Sandwich, and now Jelly Bean too.

The market has caught it up and passed it in some cases, but a truly superb 5MP camera, NFC, and the pure Android experience on a sharp screen still make a great case.

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HTC Sensation XE

Sensation XE

Just looking at the XE you can tell there's going to be something nice going on inside. Wrapped in a smart red and black chassis is a 1.5GHz processor, used to power HTC's customary Sense UI overlaying Android's latest iteration, Ice Cream Sandwich.

On top of that you'll even find the newly proprietary Beats Audio Technology to take your music up a notch.

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