How to use Facebook for free calls

If there's too much month left at the end of the pay cheque, why not use Truphone's Call Me app to phone your friends free of charge?

News about another clever Facebook application has landed on the newsdesk. VoIP firm Truphone is to offer an application that lets you make free phone calls from within the social networking website.

Truphone's 'Call Me' application consists of a button that can be inserted in Facebook messages, posted onto someone's wall, or added to a Facebook group. In fact, it can be put anywhere on Facebook where attachments can be added. After that, your friends simply have to press the Call Me button to phone you free of charge.

Call Me

This means you won't have to exit Facebook, or even minimise the browser window to hook up to Skype and call your friends. The Call Me application is available to all Facebook users, and you don't even have to have a Truphone account to use it.

All you'll need is a microphone and speaker linked up to your computer. The calls will be routed to your landline number, although mobile phone numbers may be added in the future.

"We never make a user leave Facebook or have to pick up another device such as a phone. Instead we've embedded a softphone into Facebook," said Dean Elwood, platform director at Truphone.