Virgin Mobile infuriates customers with 2Mbps 3G download speed cap

Virgin Mobile infuriates customers with 2Mbps 3G download speed cap
As other networks go superfast, Virgin is slowing its service

Update: TechRadar has spoken to Virgin Mobile, but the firm was unable to provide an end date for the trial, nor could it confirm whether or not customers can opt-out.

A Virgin Mobile spokesperson said: "we are currently trialling measures to help manage data across the mobile network more effectively to ensure all our customers continue to enjoy the benefits of mobile data on the move.

"We are actively monitoring how such measures impact our customers and are confident we'll only ever increase the maximum speeds available to our customers in the future.

"The trial is operating across our network but this is a trial and we are listening to feedback."

Virgin Mobile has said that it is keeping "everyone informed through our customer forums and other channels – like our customer care teams."

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Virgin Mobile customers will not be too pleased to learn that their network is restricting mobile broadband download speeds to just 2Mbps.

After some users took to support forums to complain about a perceived slowing of 3G services, a company representative confirmed that a speed cap had been implemented late last month.

The representative said that the deliberate slowdown was to ensure there was enough of the company's bandwidth to ensure all users could make good use of the service.

While download speeds are now capped at 2Mbps, upload speeds are also restricted to 0.5Mbps.

Good service for all?

The post on the support site read: "I've received confirmation that we're trialing a speed cap which has been in place since mid-Feb and is applicable to Contract and PAYG customers, but excludes Mobile Broadband.

"The current cap is 2Mb/s download, 0.5Mb/s upload. We are doing this to ensure we can offer a good level of service to all customers."

Users have naturally responded angrily to the admission, registering their displeasure on the support forums, although a couple of users said a quick call resulted in them being exempted from the trial.

Others have complained to the Advertising Standards Agency, claiming that 'truly unlimited' data contracts must equate to more than just volume, but also forbid speed throttling too.

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