VIDEO: Official Samsung GALAXY S4 Hands-On

Air View allows you to quickly preview emails, pictures, videos or a web browser by just hovering over the S4's screen with your finger. Previewing scenes in movies by suspending your index finger above the video timeline quickly becomes second nature.

In terms of everyday convenience, Speed Dial is one of the handiest applications of Samsung's Air View tech on the S4, allowing you to quickly access your friends' numbers by hovering your finger over the keypad.

The official Samsung S View Cover has been cleverly designed to allow you to use Air View to view and answer incoming calls by swiping your finger across the cover's transparent viewing panel. Highly practical!

Last but by no means least, for TV and movie fans, Smart Pause is a very cool feature that lets you control the S4's screen by the direction in which you are looking. Look away from the display and the video you are viewing automatically pauses. Plus, Samsung WatchON transforms your S4 into the perfect IO remote to control your TV and other devices directly from your smartphone.

Live a Healthy Life with S Health

The Samsung GALAXY S4 understands how important your health is, empowering you to lead a healthier life and take care of your well-being.

S Health can be used to monitor and share your workouts, nutrition plans and to measure the temperature and humidity levels of your environment. You can easily set yourself exercise and fitness goals and monitor your progress in steps and distance walked or ran and number of calories burned.

To make it even easier to monitor your daily, weekly and monthly progress, you can also drop the S Health widget onto your S4's home screen.


To find out more about the GALAXY S4, head over to Samsung's official microsite and to see more videos about the GALAXY S4 be sure to check out Samsung Mobile's YouTube Channel.