Upcoming Nokia Lumia 920 firmware offers improved camera quality

Nokia Lumia 920
Nokia will soon give Lumia 920 users improved image quality

If you're a Lumia 920 owner who's been getting less than stunning image quality from Nokia's flagship Windows Phone 8 smartphone, an upcoming firmware update might be just what the doctor ordered.

Engadget reported Monday that Nokia is preparing a firmware update to address image softness in photos taken with its Lumia 920 handset, which will be rolled into a larger Microsoft update already announced.

The website managed to get its hands on two sets of identical photos: One taken with the current PR1.0 firmware, and another with the upcoming PR1.1 update.

The newer firmware appears to clearly fix fuzziness problems that have been plaguing Lumia 920 owners since its early November launch.

Fix coming soon

Nokia's PR1.1 firmware is expected to arrive alongside a larger Windows Phone 8 operating system update expected in December, which was already confirmed by Nokia's U.S. Twitter support team late last week.

That update will include the ability to decline calls via SMS along with improvements to web browsing, LTE and the overall stability of Windows Phone 8 devices.

While Engadget sources have confirmed the PR1.1 update, it may not be a cure-all, as white balance issues reportedly remain, even after the latest firmware.

Nokia did not respond to TechRadar's request for comment by the time this post was published.

Via Engadget