Good news: T-Mobile Advantage members can keep their discounts

John Legere
T-Mobile cans another mobile industry standard

Update: And just like that John Legere changes his mind for existing Advantage Program customers anyway.

In a updated blog post the T-Mo CEO wrote that everyone already enrolled in the Advantage Program or who applied to enroll before April 1st will be able to keep a rate plan discount. Their discount will remain in place as long as they continue working for the participating employer and remain on a qualifying plan.

Anyone already part of the program will simply be asked to participate in an annual online employer verification process. However, Legere is still adamant about his stance and the program remains cutoff to new customers.

"Listen, I still believe that complicated rate plan discounts and backroom deals with big corporations are unfair and part of what needs changing in the US wireless industry," Legere said in a release.

Original story follows…

T-Mobile, and more often its President John Legere specifically, has pulled off some serious stunts in the past year to shift the appearance of the US wireless industry.

Now the mobile network company is at it again. This time the Uncarrier announced it is axing its Advantage Program, which offers monthly plans to business owners and their employees discount rate for new customers, starting April 1. Existing beneficiaries, meanwhile, will see their discount phased out on April 25.

But it's not all bad news. In place of the Advantage Program, T-Mobile will replace the employee rate plan discounts for any current enrollees with $25 reward cards every time they purchase a new device.

"The old programs were designed to help big carriers close big corporate contracts, with employees as bargaining chips," Legere explained in a release.

Ever the rebel, Legere continued to say that his company isn't "playing that game anymore. This change is about simplifying wireless for everyone … including employees of small and large companies alike."

One more step

The Uncarrier's latest move will be a bit of a hit for small and large businesses. However, government employees and members of the military will continue to receive the discount.

This is definitely the most underwhelming disruptive move T-Mo has pulled off as of recent. But given the company has gotten rid of early termination fees, added free international calling and messaging, implemented its Next device upgrade program, and gotten rid of contracts - we'd bet the pink carrier has something even more exciting lined up for the future.

As Legere mentions at the end of the announcement, "we're not done yet. Stay tuned."

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