Say hello to the new Moto X Style and Moto X Play

Say hello to the new Moto X Style and Moto X Play

The Motorola Moto X is back, but this time it's two phones rather than one. That's right, Motorola has launched a duo of new flagships in the form of the Moto X Style and Moto X Play.

As you can probably guess from their names, one is rather more design led while the other opts for a more rugged, playful finish.

Motorola claims the Moto X Play will have a 48 hour battery life with its 3630mAh power pack - something we can't wait to put to the test - along with a water-repellent design, 5.5-inch full HD display, 21MP rear camera, 5MP front snapper and Snapdragon processor.

The Moto X Play will be available towards the end of August for a competitively priced (and OnePlus 2 rivalling) £279 (around AU$600) - but there's bad news for US fans as the Play won't be making its way to you. It will be coming to select markets Europe, Latin America, Australia and Canada, including the UK.

More Style

For those of you who are in the market for a smarter looking device, the new Moto X Style may be more up your street with more customisation options than any other phone.

That means you'll be able to tailor it to suit your style, with a wide range of colour combination and material options including Saffiano leather and real wood finishes.

The Moto X Style sports a larger 5.7-inch QHD display, slender borders, a 5MP front camera with wide-angle lens and selfie flash, while round the back you'll find the same 21MP rear snapper as the X Play.

It also boasts TurboPower, giving you 10 hours of use from just 15 minutes of charging. Motorola claims it's the 'world's fastest charging smartphone.' TurboPower also features on the X Play, where you'll get 8 hours of use from 15 minutes of plugged in time.

The more premium Moto X Style release date is set for September with a SIM free price tag of £359 in the UK, making it cheaper than the flagship offerings from Samsung, HTC, LG and Apple.

The same SIM-free option applies for the US, where called Moto X Pure Edition and be available through Motorola and at Best Buy and Amazon for $399 - completely unlocked. That doesn't often happen with major flagships in the US.

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