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Samsung unleashes three more fashion phones

We've only recently seen some stunningly appealing phones from Samsung that both look great and are packed with the latest wireless technology, so it's a bit of a surprise to see the company one-up itself and pump out three more solely for the Asian market , including yet another handset with touch-sensitivity as its selling point.

First up is the SHG-E950, which has a touch-panel not on its screen, but as a laptop-like trackpad. Like all three phones it's a slider-type model and has a metallic finish. A slick-looking interface and a 3.2-megapixel camera complete the deal.

World's thinnest?

Next is the SGH-E840, a phone that's being billed as the world's slimmest slider - with so many thin phones these days it seems pretty irrelevant, though. Still, 10.6mm isn't to be sniffed at, although the mirrored case could well end up being sniffed from in certain circles. As with the others, the keypad features buttons that need only to be brushed with a finger to register a press.

Lastly, the SGH-J600 looks the most ordinary of the newcomers, which is probably why Samsung has made it available in a range of eye-candy colours including coral pink. Relative plain Jane-ness aside, there's an onboard audio player that can handle MP3 and all varieties of AAC, making it clear that Samsung well understands the benefit of providing something for every potential customer.

Pricing is still undecided, although none of the phones is likely to make it to the world beyond Korea anyway.