Samsung Galaxy S3 launch date appears online

Samsung Galaxy S3 launch event invite appears online

A leaked Samsung event invite is the latest development in the Samsung Galaxy S3 saga and points towards a late May launch for the long-awaited handset.

The invite appeared on a number of Korean websites and clearly states that the Samsung Galaxy S3 will be unveiled on May 22 in London.

Along with the event details, the invite also teases at the possible design of the Galaxy S3 – suggesting a sleek, slender, brushed metal affair which is certainly getting us a bit hot under the collar.

Samsung Galaxy S3 leak

Credit: Phandroid

Fast. Vivid. Slim.

We expect the Samsung Galaxy S3 to pack a beefy processor and come toting an impressive HD screen – the words Fast, Vivid, Slim featured on the invite point towards these specifications.

According to Korean DDaily the Galaxy S3 will sport a 4.65-inch Super AMOLED Plus HD (720x1280) screen and AsiaE reports that it will also pack a quad-core processor and LTE capabilities. Let's hope Samsung sticks a decent battery in as well.

The invite has by no means come via an official Samsung channel, so it could well be a very good mock-up, but we're keeping our fingers crossed that May 22 is the launch date.

Do you reckon the invite is the real deal, or has someone just got handy with PhotoShop? Let us know in the comment box below.

Find out what the Samsung Galaxy S3 may bring to the table when it finally launches in our rumour video below.

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